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      Soar of private enterprises

      Private enterprises are the foundation of Nanhai, and the "vital force" for economic transformation in Nanhai. There are more than 140000 industrial and business private enterprises registered in Nanhai, with total registered capital of more than RMB 410 billion and 300 enterprises of over a hundred million yuan output values. In 2012, Nanhai has continued its "capital-increase and industry-development" project and "Eagle Plan", initiated the construction of "Nanshang (Nanhai Business)" brands, set up the industrial association and economic service bureau for private enterprises, and carried out the activity of "enterprise service year". It has provided RMB 180 million supporting funds in the year, assisted small and medium enterprises for financing of RMB 4.28 billion, and had RMB 130.9 billion increased by private enterprises which was 66.7% and 70% respectively in Nanhai GDP and its annual tax revenue.

      Innovation for development

      In 2012, Nanhai has 2 new listed enterprises (totally 13), 99 provincial high-tech enterprises, 2 provincial enginering centers, 6 new Chinese well-known trademarks, 24 provincial famous products, and 62 national, industrial and local standard applied and announced, laying the solid foundations for enterprise development.


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