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      Innovation in the future

      With these platforms, Nanhai speeds up the concentration of finance, science and technology, personnel and other elements for innovation, and promotes the transformation and upgrading of industries. It builds up Guangdong Industrial and Financial Center to promote the fusion of finance, science and technology and industry; it invests more in high-tech development, speeds up the construction of high-tech platforms as the carrier, perfects the technical innovation system, expands the financial and technical cooperation between Guangdong and Hong Kong, and deepens the industry-university-research cooperation; it carries out the "Lanhai (Blue Sea) Personnel Plan", establishes the incubator for high-tech industry, and gathers professional personnel to support the construction of Nanhai as a innovative town. Nanhai has successfully introduced 53 personnel groups in 2012, 8 experts in the national "A Thousand Personnel Plan", and nearly 30 overseas doctors.


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